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Broad Spectrum Cell Phone Signal Blocker
$39.10  $35.70
Marlboro Cigarette Cell Phone Signal Jammer
$88.40  $68.00
Brouilleur MGT- P1B
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Mini CAR GPS Jammer GPS L1 1575.42 MHz
5 Band GPS + CellPhone Jammer Portable
CDMA GSM DCS PCS 3G Signal Jammer
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Advanced Mobile Phone Signal Jammer - 20 Metres
$102.00  $88.40
Cell Phone Jammer + 315MHz/433MHz RF Jammer
8 Antenna Cell Phone,GPS,WIFI,RF,Lojack Jammer
We are professional manufacturer of Signal Jammers, including Cell Phone Jammer, GPS Jammer, Wi-Fi Bluetooth Jammer, UHF Jammer, VHF Jammer, Wireless Bug Camera Jammer, 3g Jammer, 4g Jammer and so on.
Owing to a long history in manufacturing signal jammers, we have been accumulating much experience in developing, assembling and manufacturing signal jammers and successfully providing various types of signal jammers to many different countries all over the world, including USA, UK, Italy, Columbia, Argentina, France, Germany, Netherland, Finland, Switzerland, Sweden, India, Indonesia and so on.
We possess variety of equipments specific to testing, machining and manufacturing signal jammers. We have strong machining and assembling ability and complete physicochemical testing, measuring and inspecting means.
Furthermore, we are investing more in strengthening the manufacturing ability and enhancing the productivity. We welcome wholesale orders from companies worldwide.
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